Principal's Message

Dear Friends,as

Welcome to the profession of Pharmacy at Ram-Eesh Institute.

The health care sector is one of the most challenging professions in India. India has a rich base of pharmaceutical industries, as it is the world's third largest industry in terms of volume. The total turnover of India's pharmaceutical industry was US $ 22.04 billion in 2012. India is among the league of top 10 global pharmaceutical markets in world.

Some of the major pharmaceutical firms include Ranbaxy, Novartis, Glaxosmithkline etc. The market is highly competitive and in such conditions, the pharma industry requires well trained professionals who are ready to face challenges.

Since 1999, Ram-Eesh Institute of Vocational and Technical Education is contributing in the development of well trained pharmacy professionals who have spread their knowledge throughout the country and abroad.

Many of our pharmacy graduates have completed their doctoral and post doctoral programs from prestigious institutions in the country and abroad.

Our pharmacy graduates are serving renowned national and multinational corporations. At Ram-Eesh, we believe in righteousness, integrity and truth. The education system in the college involves interactive learning, participative techniques and regular interactions with the stalwarts of Pharma industries. Assignments, group discussions and individual presentations help the students in not just enhancing the knowledge, but also ensuring that they excel in their professional career.

I am very much confident that our students as always will be the key in redressing current health issues in the country and will serve the society at large.